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A software application is a place where human interaction appears and grows over time. In order to have a successful product, the interactions must tell a story. We, at Digital Dood, know that this goes far beyond a classic product design. It’s that small but meaningful emotional connection to an interaction that feels human and expressive.


We have carefully built an in-house team of top designers, engineers and developers that master product making end-to-end. We'll help you get from an idea to a well made product ready to conquer the world. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality services and using innovative approaches and technology stacks.


We always strive to have a meaningful impact on the surrounding environment. Working with clients and community, we deliver master plans that create vibrant new places and spaces, attract people, and encourage investment through. We incorporate feedback to continuously improve our services.

about us

Technology DNA

We are a group of fun individuals striving to achieve professional excellence. We combine a creative approach with the exuberance of our young team to achieve a balanced environment for developing ideas, shaping minds and adding value to existing core structures. Technology is into our DNA, competence is what defines us and the urge to express ourselves to the world is what drives us

lifestyle & career


Cultivate Employee Happiness

We promote work-life balance to relieve people of burnout and stress, encourage professional growth and personal success, stimulate a positive work culture and environment to shape the right attitude.

When not at our keyboards

We play video games, have the occasional barbecue, relax in bean bags, read great tech books, celebrate holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. We take the time to clear our mind before we dive back in and write that awesome code.


Three months program

We pride ourselves on shaping young minds and teaching the best technological approach. Join our internship program now!


We are always looking for talent. Send us a mail with your resume.


Cluj-Napoca, Romania

19-21, Macului, 400698


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